Everything You Need Know About Happiness According To Pizza and Her Girl


“Are you happy?”

The question was flung at me like a metaphorical baseball–violently and unexpectedly. Here you are thinking you’ve come for the hot dogs and the game–wrong. You’re pitching. (My metaphors have never been on point so let’s just move along). The thing I realized immediately was that in the span of my 37 years I have probably been asked this question only a handful of times. And the amount of times I’ve asked someone else if they were happy is probably on par. We simply don’t ask because we are generally busier asking other questions like, did you get that job, have you eaten yet, did you see that puppy video? It’s not that we don’t care whether the people in our lives are happy, it’s just that we attach ‘happy’ to the general current state of their affairs–are they healthy, are they financially okay, are they loved and well taken care of. If the proper boxes are checked, the reasonable assumption would be that yes, they must be happy. But, being the enlightened creatures that we are, we also quasi understand that if that were all it took to achieve a state of happiness there would be a drastic rise in unemployed for the healthcare professionals. Amirite?

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How Risking It All Was The Best Thing I Ever Did


jim carrey

“In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

Yesterday marked one year since I transplanted myself to San Diego, without any clue as to the ‘why’, the ‘how’ and the ‘for how long’. And here I am, twelve months since I stepped off the plane, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that sometimes I still have no friggin clue. The good news? I am happy. I am obsessed with my apartment, my bills are paid and for the first time in a long time I feel like I am exactly where I want to be. I have a direction, a small group of weird — thought admittedly awesome friends — and I am in a total love stricken, honeymoon phase of my relationship with San Diego. It wasn’t always like this. A year ago today — on my first full day in the city — I was sipping on my first cup of San Diego coffee, quietly wondering if I’ll ever find a job, an apartment or, I’ll just say it, a friend, before having to pitch a tent and joining the ranks of neighborly So-Cal transients in the East Village. And this time another year back, I was probably crying over Part 2 of my breakup. Let’s see, it was February….so yep, crying. Or sneering at people.

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So I was nominated for a Liebster Award by a fellow blogger, [finger dance]. I instantly googled what that meant, and learned that this Liebster comes with a few rules, and after a bit of confusion as to which rule is the ruler of all, I kind of just settled on a happy medium.


Thank your nominator and tag them in your post.

Thank you MyEyecandy for thinking of me! I have never won anything on the internet before, except for that time I was offered a brand new car and a bunch of free cash if I filled out a survey but I was like, eh, surveys. So I’m pretty excited about this and feeling all sorts of delicious feels, because:

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Why Traveling Matters


The First Airport.

I will forever remember my first time at an airport. We were frantically sprinting to our gate. I was layering three very large, very heavy coats because there was no room for them in our suitcases. My parents were snappy, my grandfather was depressed, my other grandparents were bickering, and my little sisters took turns crying. I had just exchanged final goodbyes with my childhood friend and spent an hour crying in the cab.

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What I Want…Today


“What do you want?”

In life? A steak with a side of double whiskey on the rocks, please.

I’m single. I date. I ponder important life questions like whether or not to text someone. I get rejected. I do the rejecting. I struggle with finding the courage to say how I feel or what I want. And what I want is the million dollar question that comes up, all too often.

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8 Easy Steps to Daily Gratitude


Today, I have not fallen on my face, once! Of course, it’s 11 a.m., which in my clumsy world means there is plenty of time for that to change. But this will not stop me from celebrating dexterity, along with my bruise-less body, until further notice. Yep, it’s the little things. Because Gratitude: not just a 9-letter word. Plenty of scientific facts stress that gratitude contributes to our personal well-being. It’s incredibly easy to get lost in the daily grind with its hefty bag of s***, so we tend to neglect or simply not notice things that are worth celebrating. And yet, it pays to acknowledge the good stuff, due to some of the following:

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Back To The Dating Game

dating 6Alright my sexy little pumpkin slices, today we shall cover the ever-curious matter of sex and dating.  But hold on to your pants, kids, cause we’ll be taking it up a notch.
Today we shall talk {cue the drum roll} sex and dating, following a long term relationship, in your thirties.
Can somebody please pour me some wine first?  Better yet, make it a double whiskey on the rocks, thanks.

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When Time Stood Still

rainUnforgettable moments–tiny yet undeniably defining anchors of our lives. They awaken us, inspire, break and mold us into the complex, strange, fascinating creatures that we are.  They can sneak up on you during the oddest of times–an elevator ride with a stranger, a fight with a parent, an epiphany in a shower, a kiss. Sometimes they are so incredibly powerful they can even stop time itself.  Different as they may be–these moments–they share one thing in common. They have the power to shake us to the core in the most profound, beautiful and at times, horrifying ways.  More importantly, they have the power to change us. The story I am about to share begins with such a moment.

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The Stories Behind the Writing

I “wrote” my first story when I was four.  It was a jumble of pictures and chicken scribbles inside of an old, tattered notebook. I was partial to forests, wizards and large talking birds during that period of my life–the latter, possibly because I really enjoyed coloring in those large bird feathers. So it’s no big surprise that my first breakout novel was about a boy who craved adventure, went looking for it in the forest, met a wizard and became friends with a large, colorful, talking bird. Continue reading

All You Need Is Love…and Maybe a Sandwich

loveToday would’ve been a five year anniversary of what was my longest and best relationship.  It’s been several months since the breakup and I’ve more or less come to terms with it but today–today I will spend the day in gratitude. Gratitude for the love that forever changed me and for the strength that love had to let me go.
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